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“I am writing to share about the incredible work that Geek Girls Web Design does!! For me, it was great to see the excellent website that they helped put together, but just as importantly, they did it all on a limited budget and in the time promised. They did their work with tremendous cost and time restraints and exceeded expectations with the final product! They have made a loyal customer who is incredibly appreciative of their amazing work!!”

- Jeff King, MD -

“I have worked with Geek Girl on several corporate websites and she is creative, responsive, and gets every detail right. She incorporated our graphics and artwork into a beautiful website within a week.”

- Scott Spellman - MGM Grand Casino & Scott Spellman Photography -

“I used Geek Girl Web Design to completely redesign my website, and am very pleased with the result. She was very patient with me about my concerns over several details, which I admit were very picky. She worked with me to get the site the way I wanted it and didn’t charge an arm and a leg to do it. I have gotten a number of compliments about the site. Do I recommend her? Yes, I certainly do."

- Frank B. Ford, Attorney and Counselor at Law - Dearborn Heights, Michigan -

“I hired Dennielle from Geek Girl Web Design 4 years ago when I first started my carpet and flooring business. I tried to use the do-it-yourself website builder platforms, but the sites were often unreliable. I often had really slow page load times and errors causing my potential customers to go elsewhere and give their business to my competitors. After wasting dozens of hours and a couple hundred bucks on garbage website builders, I decided to just spend the money and have it done once and right. Geek Girl was great to work with from start to finish and even a year later when we ran into a slight glitch she was on top of it within minutes to get us back up and running. She listened carefully to what my needs were and ideas that I had for layout and design and put it all together far better than I would have even imagined it myself. Our site receives hundreds of hits daily, which converts to many new clients and increased company revenue. Our company is now a $10,000,000.00 per year company and I owe a lot of that credit to the website designed by Geek Girl since over 40% of that annual business comes from there. THANK YOU!”

- Joe Zago-President at The Carpet Guys, LLC. (800) 375-7847 -

“I have shopped around lately and have done a lot of homework on websites and website design. I could not be happier that I was able to have you design my website! You have been honest, provided high quality, and a great value that's the total package. I could not be happier with your service! Seriously, you're awesome! Thank you.”

- Dr. Christopher Dyki, DDS. -

“I've worked with Geek Girl Web Design since the start of the company. Initially, we used services just for our business, but as the relationship grew our Clients began using Geek Girl as well. The turn around time is outstanding and the work is the best I've seen. Highly Recommended.”

- Doris H. -

“My son has always been the family go-to-guy when it came to all things computer and web. He turned me, someone who was 100% computer illiterate into a secret geek-at-heart. When he went off to school, I was left having to find new people to help me. I run five businesses and if you know anything about running a business, you will know that you don't have time to wait. When my website was ready to be designed, I asked my new tech team if they could help. They said they wanted to but couldn't meet the deadline I was looking for. I asked them if they could refer a reputable company to me and that's how I found the Geek Girl. If you look around online, you will see that she submits all sorts of great articles and useful bits online. She created not one but two websites for my businesses and when I end up needing more, I'm going straight to her. Quality, professional, and with a touch that can't possibly disappoint. If you want a good laugh: when I told my wife that I was having a woman update my website, she said, "Oh yeah? To 'update your website," huh?" Well, Geek Girl did and I've saved her number ever since.”

- Faadi K. -

“In starting our e-commerce co. that provides Detroit themed t-shirts and other merchandise, we were looking for web designers that where located in the Detroit metro area to keep within our co. motto of utilizing Detroit area talent to bring our merchandise to the public. Our company Urban Streetware, researched other Web Design teams to help us create our site. We were pleasantly surprised when we found and contracted the Geek Girl Web Design team. Their ability to make our ideas come to life with the little knowledge that we had designing an e-commerce store was to say the least frustrating for us. Geek Girl and her team took the time to understand our goals and ideas. We cannot say enough about The Geek Girl Web Design team!”

- Anita L. -

“I used Geek Girl Web Design to completely redesign my website several years ago, and am very pleased with the result. She was very patient with me about my concerns over several details, which I admit were very picky. She worked with me to get the site the w>ay I wanted it and didn’t charge an arm and a leg to do it. I have gotten a number of compliments about the site. ."

- Frank B. Ford, Attorney and Counselor at Law - Dearborn Heights, Michigan -

Finding a trustworthy web designer is like trying to find a trustworthy auto mechanic. There are thousands of web design companies that will take advantage, abandon, or leave you frustrated because of the length of time it takes to complete a simple task. Geek Girl is "Zero Risk." What does that mean? Simple. We promise never to just disappear on you. We provide risdual services and ensure that every job is 100% completed with your approval and satisfaction.

Whether you are selling products, services, or spreading ideas, it is Geek Girl Web Design's mission to create a website that will showcase your ideas and leave an unforgettable impression on the world. Geek Girl strives to provide honest, quality, and affordable services for her clients. We go beyond expectations and deliver.

Geek Girl Web Design was established in 2008 and is a full service web design and development company headquarted out of Detroit, Michigan. As an established and growing company, Geek Girl knows what it takes to beat out all competitors in design, quality, and development. Each of our team members work remote from whatever location they feel most creative. We prefer this to avoid costs in overhead to maintain affordable services for our clients. We provide services for individuals, small companies, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

We create responsive websites and innovative designs utilizing the latest codes and keeping up with Google standards. We will renovate your current website or create a site based on your own ideas. Many companies and individuals love the idea of having 100% control of their own website and we love independence. Therefore, we create content managment systems that are fully functional, responsive, and retina ready just for you.

Each website, application, logo, and graphic design is 100% unique to your wants and needs. Geek Girl has a simple design process that will make your experience less stressful that one would imagine with 4 simple steps:

(1) Consultation
(2) Approve and Confirm your Design Project
(3) Design, Revisions, and Approvals
(4) Final Payments and Transfers.

That simple. That easy. Who knew?

Our Skills
Responsive Web Design 100%
Graphic Design & Branding 99%
Application Development 98%
HTML5 & CSS6 100%